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Farming Gathering Hunting Crafting
Hello if anyone doesnt have the time or want to waste time I am available to as the title says hunt farm gathering or work on crafting needed items.  I am horrible at building or design but I can sure demolish any area as well Smile.

I am on mostly in the evenings during weekdays and off and on during the day and night for weekends.

I am new to the server and some things might take time to get but when fully setup I should be able to get most things within a week.

can pay me reasonable amounts per item or can pay a set fee for amount of work or amount of items delivered.  For set fee I would request that at least a 10% deposit be made, but can hire for a day week or by the month.

Mode of delivery set up in advance so if we are not on at the same times you can still receive the items. 

I would request that once a deal has been set that you post it somewhere on the forums so that it can be referred back to in the event there is a misunderstanding on my part.

Thank you.

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