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You guys rock
Hi, I don't think I've ever formally introduced myself. I've played on this server for maybe a couple of years (or more? I don't really remember). Something cool happened today, so I thought this would be a good time to say hi. 

My name is Sarah, I'm in my 30s. I'm married and have a six year old who sometimes plays with me in creative mode. I personally have been playing Minecraft since 2013. Last time I actively was on was 2022. Then work and life got busy, and I stayed off.  

Last Thursday, I found out I was pregnant. Over the weekend I miscarried. Everything moved so fast, and even though I'm more or less fine, I was (and still am) a bit bummed. 

So during this weekend, I thought I would get back into playing Minecraft. My husband rebought the game for me as a Mother's Day present the week before, and playing is such a fun and relaxing activity. I made a new user name since the old one didn't seem to work anymore. 

This morning I was playing under the new user name, and I got to talking about some of the regulations of the server with melaneedeebot (I hope I spelled that right). I shared my old name and melanee found all my old stuff and restored it to me!

Man, that really brightened my day. Probably seemed like a small deal, but this weekend was pretty emotional. It really lifted my spirits. 

So thank you. Thanks for keeping this server going and thanks to melaneedeebot for finding all my old stuff. 

My old user name was sarahlasvegas
It's wilkinsonhorn now. Come by and say hi sometime!
I am sorry to hear that news Sad That must have been really devastating. But nonetheless, im glad you had all your old stuff recovered today! Must be refreshing. Welcome back Big Grin
[Image: sW0qOSG]
Happy belated Mother's Day, I'm glad your husband unknowingly brought you back to us, and what luck that our paths crossed this morning and we got to chatting! Happy to be of service transferring your account over Smile Welcome back to HomeTown!
This was such a touching post Sarah, thank you for voicing your experience! I almost teared up reading this and am so glad you made your way back to hometown!

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