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Summer Santa!
It's Summer (in the northern hemisphere)!

[Image: RjQsN16.gif]

Which means it's that time of year again - Secret Santa!

For those who have never done a Secret Santa, fret not! The concept is simple, reply to this thread with your in-game name (please, no nicks), and after about 2 weeks, on June 26th, I'll lock this thread, draw names, and /mail you in-game with the name of the person you're responsible for gifting to. Head on over to /warp SummerSanta (the warp will be opened on the 26th) and find the chest with your person's name on it. You can also DM me on Discord (nether_ruler) or mail me in-game (Nether_Ruler) if you don't have a forums account :)

Gifts will be due by 11:59 P.M (EST) on Saturday, July 15th. Gifts will be opened on Sunday the 16th (the day of the event) whenever I unlock the chests.

Please put effort into your gifts! Think about something you would be happy to receive, and try to put the same effort into your gift. Good gift ≠ expensive! I know not everyone has tons of money to spend, but there are plenty of other ways to make thoughtful and clever gifts without having to drain your balance :). Trust me, I've been doing this for years. Try to make someone's day!

Happy gifting and I hope you all have a wonderful summer (or winter)

- Nether_Ruler

[Image: Aj1VQKG.gif]
Your friend , Damian

(if possible I would like to have access to that chest also from bedrock account .the4neko so I can work on that even if I'm not home)

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