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Pay To Change Biome with worldedit
I am someone who loves the environment and would definitely want it to remain healthy and intact, but on a multiplayer server it is sometimes necessary to excavate and/or tear down a lot of land for large builds. However, this creates a problem for players who may want rare and specific biomes such as mangrove, mushroom island, or bamboo forest. This does not mean terraoforming, but just selecting two ends of a claim and doing /setbiome. 

This would have the benefit of changing what mobs spawn, so you can make it bamboo forest for natural pandas or you can make it mushroom island so it will forever be safe from monster spawns at night and have mooshroom cows. Or maybe even cherry Grove for the animations. To clarify to players, this action will not magically terraform all your grass to mycelium or mud or make bamboo appear instantly.

This would also create players more incentive to create new islands and use up the endless resources of the server to terraform. When I was searching for a mushroom island (Not because I liked mushrooms but because it was free of hostile mob spawns) I would have been willing to make artificial islands in the middle of a huge ocean to do so, provided the biome would be the one that I wanted. Even if biome changes are limited to remote islands made by players or land claims, it is a huge help and opens up more building space for everyone.
Changing the biome of an area is already something that is possible for players, if they acquire a biome change voucher Smile Voucher are top voter prizes, which can be acquired by placing in the top 10 voters of the month, or purchasing the desired voucher from someone who did win it. Ask around and see if you can find one!

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