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1st Shift Tales
if sharp is the real name then it does rhyme with harp.... and carp....
"Permit my hazard into your plight. Once life sucked, now 'tis alright?" -Epros, Okage Shadow King

Watch out. Grimm is a master mash chef.
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Meant to post this earlier, but I took a nap, started dinner, and got distracted by YouTube. @Penguin #notsorry

Pot Cookie Queen
No, pot cookies were not made; let me get that disclaimer out of the way.  Sharp is our resident cookie-baker, we sell cookies and donuts.  Well, one of our cookies we sell are butter cookies.  Sharp and I somehow started talking about pot brownies and how they're made, pretty much cook the weed into the butter.  Anyway, I came to the realization that if Sharp ever moved to a legalized marijuana state, then her next business venture should be making edibles in the form of her cookies.  She agreed and said, "I'd be rich!"

Tossed Gloves
This is a small point of contention between Maria and I.  When I see used gloves on a work surface, I toss them.  It's something we did at Taco Bell.  Once you used a pair of gloves, you toss them.  Well, sometimes, we're expected to carefully remove gloves and re-use only if we're low.  Maria gets a little annoyed when I keep tossing her gloves, and because I do it so absentmindedly. xD

The Simple Fix
At work, we use a Cappuccino Maker to make hot cocoa, French-vanilla coffee, and white-chocolate caramel coffee.  Well, for some reason, the hot cocoa mix hopper went down one evening when myself and my fiancee swung by for free hot cocoa; an amazing work perk.  Well, myself and Vine, a fellow co-worker, were trying to fix this machine.  We tried just about everything to fix this hopper.  Nothing worked, only hot water would come out.  We concluded the machine itself wasn't running the hot cocoa hopper's slot, as the other two beverage options worked fine.  My fiancee came up with a simple solution, which Vine and I didn't think of, "why don't you just switch the hoppers as needed?"  Vine and I basically did a mental facepalm, switched the hoppers around, and we got the hot cocoa running.

Flirtatious Donut Holes
This is about a former employee whom I never met, but Sharp and Maria talked about.  I'll name him: Boytoy.  Well, Boytoy was apparently serious eyecandy in the drive-thru, he got hit on by many women and men during his employment.  The funny thing is how all the men flirted with him.  When Sharp and Maria took some men's orders, they'd say, "I would like a dozen of glazed donut holes".  When Boytoy took these same men's orders, they'd say, "Yes, I would like a dozen of glazed balls~ ;)"  Obvious innuendo is obvious, Boytoy would shut the window so fast when the order was handed out supposedly.  xD

"Mr. Jimminy's a Bad-ass o-o"
This one is actually a few different stories Mr. Jiminny told.

For those who don't know Mr. Jiminny, he's one of our regulars.  Well, I learned a bit more about him today.  I already knew he served in WWII and the Korean War as part of a machine-gun crew.  What I didn't know was that in his time in the military, he survived a plane crash and falling off a cliff-both with no major injuries.  He also had a piece of equipment explode while he was doing maintenance, which caused damage to his face, right-eye, eye socket, and some of the muscles in his face.

During his time in the military, Mr. Jiminny was also stationed in Spain at some point during a period of unrest.  He and a friend were at a coffee shop, sitting outside, and both were admiring the realistic movie-production of a shootout down the street... It wasn't until an MP told them to get to cover because it was an actual shootout between police and another group.  They weren't in an active warzone, so I guess it didn't click what was going on-that's my guess.  Can you imagine that?  Just sipping coffee while unknowingly admiring a firefight.

The past few weeks, Mr. Jiminny's been receiving calls from scammers abroad, all of them offering varied services and asking for personal information.  Seniors are often the victims of these scammers.  Old age, ever-changing technological leaps, and shitty people are to blame.  One "service" a scammer offered was for home security.  Mr. Jiminny responded, "I have four people watching my house already: Walther, Colt, Smith and Wesson" (for those who don't know, those names are the names of major firearm brands)  The scammer hung up.  Mr. Jiminny's even talked about a few of his weapons.  He keeps a firearm under his car seat with a magnetic holder and I've seen a firearm under his jacket before.

Mr. Jiminny's the living embodiment of this quote.
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"C'mon, let's keep it simple, huh?  He broke the rules, I banned him."

HomeTown Rulebook

(12-14-2017, 09:31 AM)Grimm_Wolfe Wrote: Meant to post this earlier, but I took a nap, started dinner, and got distracted by YouTube. @Penguin #notsorry

[Image: NMSb8T5.gif]

I can't believe you've done this.
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Best stories to read after a long day in customer service. Thanks for the good reads, MasterGrumm!

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