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Unusual Injuries
Most of my notable injuries are martial arts related.

I hyper-extended my right-thumb during Judo practice in fall 2014. It was swollen and painful for weeks, I lost pinch strength for months, and now got back my full range of motion this summer.

I was thrown once by a black belt in my Judo club with harai-goshi (type of hip-throw) and injured my tail-bone for week. It was his signature move that he could throw fast and my break-fall was odd, which resulted in me landing square on my ass.

Pretty sure I fractured my heel; never got it x-rayed though. The room I practice Judo in has pads for grappling lining the walls and floors. Well, I took Taekwondo when I was younger and decided it would be wise to practice a spinning heel-kick on the padded wall. I ended up kicking through the pad and hit the cinderblock wall on the other side. My heel hurt for 4 months straight, but I still practiced Judo through the pain.

Black eye from landing on my opponent's knee face-first when I used a take-down on him.
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Umm I have had lots of minor cut/scars but the biggest are probably the time I got hit by a car, luckily it was only going like 20mph so I bounced off the front bumper and hit in pavement. I only had some bruises and concussion and a broken Femur. I once fell off a cliff while climbing (free climbing) and I fell on my back and a small rock caught my scalp, got it the cut glued up and I was off again. Probably the last biggest thing is the time I was belaying (controlling the ropes holding another climber up) and a hook came loose and swung round from the climbers back and hit me in the face, creating a reasonable scar on my upper lip, the stitches left even more little dotted scars too! Other than all that i'm constantly getting sick/stomach bugs because you know, fuck eating healthy.
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Here's some really unusual stories
When I was like 9 I was helping my mom cook in the kitchen, she was making bEAN soup, the recipe called for her putting the soup (which was still boiling hot) into a blender to crush up the beans. Me being a dumb lil 3rd grader, I put the soup in the blender and turned it on even though I forgot to put the top on, hot soup when flying everywhere and I had a huge scabbed over scar right underneath my lower lash line. I went blind for like 2 hours smfh
In first grade during snack time I choked on a pretzel and then I refused to eat anything that wasnt liquid for a week straight because i thought I was gonna choke and die
As for scars, I have a small scar on the right side of my eye from falling down the stairs when I was 3. Long story short I was running around the house naked after my dad took me out of the bath, and I slipped :')
Uh my scalp is riddled with scar tissue from head injuries I obviously dont remember from being a littlie but all the bumps are covered by my hair but you can still feel them if you rubbed my head? haha and I've had multiple incidents in which I graciously gave a lot of my skin to the pavement.. but I dont have any scars from it. Nothing exciting like broken/fractured bones or even dislocations (yet) xD
this one is from last week >.>

I stubbed my toe so hard, the entire nail ripped out, still got tape on my foot.

also before I have ripped my fingernail out. (biting habit)
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Grimm, we can be hyper-extension buddies :o
I've remembered a good number that have happened to me, and a couple have happened just the past month.

When I was in second grade and my sister in third, we took the bus. Well, one day, she went home ,early, sick. Mom had asked the office to tell me this, but they didn't. When I get home, I bolt down the driveway. I slip on a gumball, which came from my neighbor's dastardly sweet gum tree, and lose my balance. I beeline for Mom's car to catch myself, but I just barely missed it. I scraped literally half my face including the eyelid. Stayed out of school for two days to let it scab up, and it remained scabbed for well around two months!

I broke my wrist while playing with a soccer ball in the front yard with my dad and sister. Not odd, but I did completely forget about it until reading through this thread

I think I was in the third grade for this one. My family took a three-day trip to Myrtle Beach like we used to do every year. Well, my cat, Gandalf, was very sour about this when we came back. I was petting him, and he scratched me on my right wrist almost to my vein. Now, it looks like I tried to slice myself.

During this past month, I've gotten two gnarly spider bites on my right knee. I'm talking lymph-fluid overload, chunks of skin coming out the center, all that good stuff. Mom gave me this cream to rub on them, and boy, does it sting!

And just a week ago tomorrow, I was stung by nine yellow jackets while moving the lawn: one on my thumb, one just outside my lady zone, and the rest all on my butt

Also, Crook, when I was in preschool, I jammed my index finger in something pretty hard and lost my whole nail. I still remember the searing pain from having to dip it in hydrogen peroxide
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(09-25-2016, 10:51 AM)Star Wrote: Well, I have multiple strange injuries?

1. I had to help set up for a swim meet, and since I was one of the first from the team there, I decided to start setting up by myself. It was going pretty well, and I was putting in the touchpads by myself (bad idea, it should take at least two people) when a darling freshman ran over to help me. She somehow pulled the wire, causing me to drop the touchpad. Now each touchpad is expENSIVE, so naturally, I wanted to catch it. So I did. With my ankle. When I showed my coach the amount of blood, he said "Go take care of it and get on the block, you're swimming first. You're not 12." (He's really nice I swear) But now I have a three inch scar on my ankle :^)

2. Small burn scar on my foot. A flaming piece of exploded  strawberry landed on it, and the boiling sugar that coated it make it uneasy to shake off.

3. I'm not sure if this qualifies as weird, but eh. I sliced open the bottom of my foot on a razor clam while surfing. Anther scar to the collection.

That's all for now nerds :]

I feel so bad for your feet :o how do you even walk :p
Farewell Hometown, for now at least. It's been fun. Sorry I ruined it Sad

Best of luck to all of you,

Hopefully this isn't the end.


was a baby, crawling around on the floor in my kitchen one day, fell right on my face real hard and hit my eyebrow O.o was bleeding badly and supposedly almost got stitches, but it's pretty hard to get an eyebrow stitched lol. still have a scar today ;p
was maybe 6-7 years old, my daddy was making pancakes on a small griddle. i thought that it would be a fantastic idea to slap my entire hand down on the griddle shortly after he finished using it.

it was not a good idea.

10-12 years old. was playing outside in the snow with my little sister. i picked up a large chunk of ice and threw it at my sister's head. I thought it would be a good idea.

of course, it was not a good idea.

she started to cry. i didn't want her to tell on me, so i handed her the piece of ice and said, "i'm sorry. hit me back, but please don't tell daddy." 

never had i been hit over the head so fucking hard by a 7 year old. 
11 years old, again wintertime. i was sledding with my friend and my dad at a large hill near my house. someone built a little ramp made of snow halfway down the hill, so that when you hit it on the sled, you'd go flying. my friend convinced me to hit the ramp with her. i thought it would be a good idea.

it was not a good idea.

we both get onto my sled and we end up hitting the ramp head on. we went FLYING and I landed so hard on my upper right leg that i couldn't walk properly for like 3 days. 
13 years old. wasn't me getting hurt but still. was at camp. for the trip of the day we went to six flags. we were standing outside the park getting ready to go in. another girl maybe about 11 years old came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder in a kind of playful manner, trying to startle me. i got really startled and i swung my fist back as hard as i could. i turned around to see i had just punched an 11 year old girl in the stomach really hard by accident. she started crying. D:
basically my entire childhood. fought with my little sister CONSTANTLY. she would beat the shit out of me, but the second i went to defend myself then i would be in trouble, so i took a lot of hits from her. i would always get little scars all over my arms cause she had these sharp ass nails that she'd scratch me with. my mom never cared <.<
oh god. probably 7 years old. i was at this kind of resort place that was really fancy and expensive af. we were in this outdoorsy place, and i remember that there were a bunch of chefs outside. i think it was sorta like an outdoor buffet?? idk. but i was running around saying hi to all the employees while the rest of my family sat and ate. i was darting around in a crowded ass place wearing flip flops on a cement ground. i thought that was a good idea.

you can figure out whether that was a good idea or not.

i said hi to one chef. he said hi back, and giggled and said, "go say hi to that guy over there," and pointed to a guy standing behind a table, doing whatever with the food. i was all like "hehehehe okay" and so i ran over to the dude behind the table. was running up to him, then i tripped and fell face first onto the concrete. 

sigh. i was full of bad ideas. 
maybe 10 years old. i was in my kitchen, trying to get a bowl from the cabinets, which were above the counter, but i was too short to reach it. i decided to climb up onto the counter so i would be able to get the bowl myself rather than asking my mom to get it instead. i thought that would be a good idea.

it was not a good idea. 

so i grabbed a chair, and sat on it so i could help myself up onto the counter. i had left the cabinet door wide open, and as i went up i hit my head on the corner of the cabinet door. that hurt like a bitch, you know.
stubbed my pinky toe countless times. 'nuff said
thats all i can think of for now, hope i was entertaining lol
[Image: giphy.gif]

Had a fall on some stairs when I was about 8 or 9 years old (now 27) due to some loose carpet on the stairs, landed chin down on a step and bit through my tongue to the extent it was held in place only by a 1mm thick strand on the "base" of the tongue, needing emergency surgery.

Ironically....my 3 year old boy did something similar last week too XD must be good genes
I've hurt myself like 10 times, and they're all p stupid ways.  

-When I was about 7, I went to my neighbors house for 4th of July.  Everyone (around my age) was hanging off of the basketball hoop, but I was super short so I couldn't reach.  I stood on top of a slanted garbage can, upside down, and it fell.  I fell onto the driveway, almost hit my head on the curb, and broke my elbow.  

-The day before, I had gotten some p cute sandals that had a little heel.  I was around 5-7.  I was helping my mom with the laundry, carrying the basket of clothes.  My dog had a rubber bone in the middle of the floor, and being me, I ran with the basket, right into the bone.  I tripped over the bone, fell onto the basket (which landed on my ankle), and broke it.  Right before my communion! I had a lime green cast on... 

-Just recently I was having a little photoshoot with my friend in her backyard.  There was a tree that fell, but was supported by another tree.  "hang from it," she said.  So I did, and it was too big for my arms to wrap around.  So i fell, my back hitting another log on the ground, and my wrist snapped.  Still hurts a week later.  

-I was running down one of those ramps for wheelchairs, and someone pushed me.  I fell face first and almost broke my nose.  I sprained my left ring finger ;')

-I was watching vines and saw a p cool soccer one.  I grabbed one of those giant tennis ball and tried it.  I stepped on the ball by accident and fell backwards.  I used my wrist (same one I just recently sprained, so I'm worried about it) to catch my fall.  I sprained it.

-It was about 107 degrees outside, and my school didn't have air conditioning that day.  I was going to my brother's doctor, and my stomach hurt really badly the whole way there.  When we were signing in, I told my mom my vision was getting blurry.  Then I woke up with a bloody toe and thumb, my head bruised, my lip bleeding, and my favorite Justice shirt covered in blood.  What a day.

-I had to get surgery on my foot, and there's still a scar. 

- I was helping bring in the groceries, and I slipped on black ice.  Fell down half a flight of stairs, onto another sheet of ice, rolling onto the grass.  I didn't have to help anymore

K that's it I think..
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