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Structures of Lorn
I've been meaning to make a build showcase for awhile now, so now seems about a good a time as any.

A little backstory to the following structures:

I've been constructing this town on and off since the server restarted. I was constructing the same town prior to the restart, but I am much happier with my progress on this version (and happy that the restart occurred before I finished too much of the previous rendition). 

This town is called Lorn and it is a solo passion project. The town is named after a fictional country from an ongoing story project of mine (titled "Guilt"). Many of the structures inside the town are loosely inspired by structures and locations within my story. The castle is especially inspired by Guilt, and is named Bellis after the capitol city of Lorn.
I plan to include additional imagery of Guilt throughout this town-- some of it can already be seen in my banners and the windows of the castle. The image of a single mountain peak with a burst of light above it is very specific to Guilt in that residents of Lorn believe their god Sapiens roosts at Lorn's highest peak.

[Image: 2016_12_28_15_58_29_by_susiron-datbn5a.png]
[Image: 2016_12_28_15_59_29_by_susiron-datboju.png]

This is the first structure I made on the server following the reset. It's an inn that I've dubbed "The Black Dragon Inn" (coined for the dragon head on the sign). The entire inn was made before I had the use of /fly and I died from falling off the roof many times (unaided by the fact that one side of the inn overlooks a rocky cliff).

[Image: 2016_12_28_15_57_02_by_susiron-datbnb3.png]

The land around the inn has been largely terraformed, but retains a lot of the original shape of the area. The most obvious changes to the landscape I made were on the right side of the torch-bearing dragon statue. The area to the right of the dragon was originally much flatter, so I raised it up to create more of a bowl shape.

[Image: 2016_12_28_15_59_06_by_susiron-datbpog.png]

My biggest goal for this town (and the reason that it is a solo project) is that I want everything to blend together in a similar style, including the terrain. This area here will eventually be a sprawling market section of the town. The floating clay outlines indicate plans for future buildings.

[Image: 2016_12_28_16_00_56_by_susiron-datbnek.png]
[Image: 2016_12_28_16_01_10_by_susiron-datbnfw.png]
[Image: 2016_12_28_16_01_39_by_susiron-datbnh1.png]

Easily the largest (non-terraform) structure I've attempted, this castle will overlook a large swath of the town. It's taken a metric fuckton of stone and wood to construct thusfar, and it's not even close to completion.

[Image: 2016_12_28_16_01_58_by_susiron-datbnjc.png]

The library, the only part of the castle that has been (partially) furnished thusfar. I don't want to start most of the furnishing until the outside of the castle nears completion (the entire castle, like all of my buildings, will be fully furnished), but I needed to include the bookshelves to figure out how to go about the stairs that cut through the library's upper floor.

[Image: 2016_12_28_16_03_13_by_susiron-datbnll.png]

Many of the cliffs surrounding the castle have been terraformed, leaving a large open area beneath the entire structure.

[Image: 2016_12_28_16_02_43_by_susiron-datbnkf.png]

An aerial view of the castle. When I first laid out the floor plans I thought it was too small... I was incorrect.
wow.... thats awesome!
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Great work
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What are the coords? I think it might be quite close to me, as I remember coming across an unfinished castle nearby a few months ago.
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[Image: Jh4Rh61.png]  

I like it, it's very medieval
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Yo this looks so cool, I wish I could build things like this u.u
- KatNip

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