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Banned for "massive croptheft" REDO
Server you were banned on (SNP/Discord): Main Hometown Minecraft Server

Minecraft name: puttington

Reason for your ban: "Massive Croptheft"

Who banned you: Shisuan

Why should you be unbanned: I earlier made an appeal stating that I didn't think I had done anything wrong, turns out I had. Reason is pretty much because I mostly forgot about it, and thought I had done it on a different server. Now that I realize I have actually done something wrong, I apologize. 

I do have an explanation, though looking back at it, is does make me look pretty dumb:
I came across the massive farm whilst searching for good warps to get food. Thinking it was some sort of server-owned mass farm for everybody to use, I started to take admittedly quite a lot. The reason is that, at the time, I thought all the crops would simply re-plant themselves, as I was used to that mechanic from other servers. 

Again, I know that's stupid, and I fully accept responsibility for it. 

Overall, I know I actually broke the rules, and it's not like I have a real excuse that makes sense. The only thing I can say is sorry. I was stupid and dumb, I know that. I genuinely try to be a good guy whenever I'm playing games with other's, so please don't judge me purely from a past lack of common sense.

Why do you want to come back: Because, these days, a simple, friendly, more or less vanilla minecraft server is very hard to come by, and the fact that Hometown has an active community is really something special as well. I've made a pretty cool settlement with laza8 and robertshadow (check it out if you want) and it really would be a shame to lose such progress. I feel that I could really contribute to the server as a whole, whether it be by helping newcomers, voting, or building cool stuff. 
(I don't think there's anything wrong with this part, so I'm keeping it the same as my previous appeal)

I know I messed up, and I think anybody would be able to tell I'm genuinely sorry. 

-puttington :)
thanks my dude Smile

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