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Server you were banned on Server : The Mc server

Minecraft name: PaggaBoi 

Reason for your ban: I was mining and found some unclaimed beacons i minded that and then found a custom cave with diamond ore i broke that without thinking someone worked hard on this... I Gave all his stuff back.

Who banned you: Banned by Kat

Why should you be unbanned: I just Bought Vip II and all my friends are playing on this server

Why do you want to come back: I love the comunity and i was so dumb.. I realy want to apolgyse (sory for my bad english) to the person guz i could't do that im so sorry
Considering your ban should of been an IP ban, you need to put much more effort into this appeal. Meaning writing at least 4 sentences for the last two subjects. You broke over 900 blocks at Nuked's area. Improve your appeal and leave a comment when you're finish. I expect you to take your time on this and to not write it within 2 minutes. I even told you to take my advice and to put effort into your appeal. You will remain banned until the above is done.

- KatNip

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