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Will you press the button
Another forum game that will die in the beginning and then i'll feel awkward.

Will you press the button? 

A. You will become a casanova
B. But you'll never find true love. 

You get the idea.
-0,0 days without a sh*tpost

-Forum dwelling since 2015! 

A. You become admin
B. But you're not allowed on the server during events (anniversary event, winter event, etc.)
damn yes

A. You'll reach baltop 1
B. No one knows who you are
-0,0 days without a sh*tpost

-Forum dwelling since 2015! 
*Spam presses button*

A. You get all the parrots you want in any/all colours
B. The only noise they make is imitating a creeper that can't be turned off or down
Human embodiment of Murphy’s Law, at your service!
No thanks

A. You'll be a single wish
B. But that will can only be used with selfless intent.
[Image: latest?cb=20140209085003]
Yes Id press that. There is nothing to lose, it is just a free wish to help someone else.

Would you press the button for

A. $100,000 cash
B. however someone you don't know will die a tragic death.

You get unlimited button presses

(there is a book and movie about this. pretty good watch. It's called 'the box')
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Would you press for:

A: Any super power you want
B: You lose your sense of taste
Mechanic, Landrover lover, dont let me near a welder and an oxy torch Big Grin

[Image: CZo9VnF.png]
Hells yeah!

A. You can telepatically send people messages from any distance
B. But you can't receive texts
Ehh probably not

A: You become the best redstoner on the server
B: All of your redstone contraptions break after a week
Check out these warps:
PemiShop- Buy and sell items!
PemiSlime - $900 for life, two chunk AFK slime farm!
Paint - Free easels and dye for all!
Court - For all your minor disputes!
NO Definitely not. Though I already have (A) covered, 99% certain.
I still remember when my redstone contraptions break weekly due to all the server setting changes

A: An All-You-Can-Xray day
B: You have to pay $100 for every diamond you xrayed.

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