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So I thought of this legit 20 seconds ago but I thought I would be fun if we all shared are favorit gifs (or jifs depending) and at the end of each week I will make a poll of the best ones Andy you will vote who will be SUPREME GIF(or jif) 

Soooo here are the rules.
1, no inappropriate gif (or jif) conten! If one is posted it will not even be considered for supreme, nor will any other gif posted by that person for the following 2 weeks I will also ask them to remove it from the thered 

2, this isn’t really a rule but what to do, if you post more that one gif (or jif) please number them, like if grim posted 5 gifs (or jifs) like this gif gif gif gif gif it will be hard to use one of them in the poll so please put them like this,   1,gif 2,gif 3,gif and so on,

3, if you do not get chosen for the poll or supreme please do not hate on the ones who did get chosen it will be you turn soon. 

4, last but not least and definitely the most important have FUN!!!!

Also I will not be posting any thing
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain 
- KatNip
lol that’s a really good one
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain 

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