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The modern shakespear
So, the idea of this game is to take a modern phrase and turn it into old school lingo.
Example: Do you even lift bro? Dost thy even hoist bretheren?

I'll start with "Hold my beer" "Hold my grog"
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Mine brethern

Aaaaaand there goes my beloved sh*tpost counter
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I'm gonna beat you Rasse you filthy maggot
You're testicles and no shaft, wheres your shaft, Robert??

Ye haveth only gonads (egads so sad) only rod? Where art thou rod, Robert?
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Am i bothered?

Dost i look fazed by it?
"Permit my hazard into your plight. Once life sucked, now 'tis alright?" -Epros, Okage Shadow King


This can be broken down into:

> Whom has had have <adverb> is not not <past tense> <plural> <plural> <quantifier> <plural>

So, in Shakespearean:

Whom hath'd'ven'ly ist quite not'nt'dies's's

or, in one contraction:

[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
how do you even pronounce that
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-Forum dwelling since 2015! 
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come at me bro

cometh at me bretheren
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(04-19-2018, 09:18 PM)TheNamesGames Wrote: how do you even pronounce that

I'll add it to the resource pack, I heard some people are still using it xDD

Now for the bee movie (god help me) in shakespearean:

In accordance to all of the knowne laws of flyte,

there be no way, as such, that a bee
could possibly fly.

For, oh bee, doth thine wings grow too small
to lift thine bumbley body off of the earth.

The bee doth fly indeed

by it's troth, the bee careth not
for humans' thoughts of the possible and impossible.

Yellow, black. Yellow, black.
Yellow, black. Yellow, black.

O! Black and yellow!
Forthwith, I shall break the mould!

Baratheon! Thine breakfast ist prepared!

Look! I come!

Pray, hold thine horses.


- Baratheon?
- Adam?

- Can'st you beleive this happenstance before our eyes?
- I cannot. I shall take you.

Thou looketh most fetching.

I pray you, use the stairs. Thine father
hast paid a fine sum for them.

By my troth I am sorry, for I am excited.

Behold! The graduate doth arrive!
Your acheivements leave us in good stead, son.

Thou hast received a perfect report, nothing but B's.

We are proud.

Mother! I hath something here.

- Thou hath a lint upon thy fuzz.
- Ow! 'Tis me!

I'm stopping here to preserve what remains of my mental health, that's all folks!

I'd like to point out that the word "grog" originates from the 18th century, and shakespeare lived well before then.
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