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Server Discovery
I joined back in late 2015 through the server list on one of those minecraft websites. I introduced my friends to it but now im the only one left. Took a break in late 2017 and now im back, being annoying and trying to make friends.
(05-29-2018, 10:23 AM)icewalker220 Wrote: I actually played on this server a few years back, but I stopped playing pc entirely... Then I got a new pc and started playing minecraft java edition looking for servers. This server left such a good impact on my back then that I had to play it again! Smile

im back again lul
Sometime during the summer of 2019, I was looking back on all the time I spent on an old server that shut down in 2016, thinking "Yeah, that was fun." I had looked for a decent server for a while after it shut down and gave up thinking that I would never make memories on any server like I had on the one that got shut down.

I guess I decided to check out server lists again and found HomeTown. I tried it out and I liked how the community was and how the server was set up. Probably because it vaguely reminds me of how the old server was. I took a break, though, and I'm just beginning to be active here again as of a few days ago.

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