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Some Cilly Art!
Hey guys, I'm the owner of TwilightBuilds, but that hasn't brought me joy, and I decided to try to go into the art business! Recently I've been spamming chat over and over with ads trying to win you guys over, but right now my art shop is just a shack that looks bad! But imagine this, Dozens of air balloons in the sky, a warp in each of them, with a dragon's den below, with dragons breathing fire across the sea, and a small island in the middle with a luscious garden! Imagine seeing a spectacular view below you, Imagine parkour going across everywhere! Imagine the 1.13 update giving us a spectacular ocean underneath! This is my dream, and I hope it comes true, But I need your guy's help! this project will take lots of materials and money so feel free to order a painting (painted using /artmap) by /mail sending ThatOneWolfe! It will go into buying materials to make my new shop. Also Feel free to leave Donations at /warp Fundraiser! And to make this more exciting, Whoever can make us the best logo will be able to have their own little area where they can sell their own art! (/artmap is a vip only plugin, but regular players can still buy our art!) We will also be opening up a gallery with paintings that we have made in the past!
Quick Edit: We sell Custom paintings ranging from 1 by 1's to a total of 16 Frames!
that sounds cool! i'd love to buy your art C:  Big Grin
happiness looks good on you

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