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/warp kelowna - Yes, it is a town.
It's been a bit of time since I've helped run a town, yet it is on this server I find myself as a mayor of the town I am most excited to deliver to a server community. Kelowna is quickly becoming a community of excellent builders and great people. So, without further adieu - here is the only major forum plug i'll do of the town. This can also serve as an information and discussion thread for the town as well.

[Image: 9GizQke.png]

Kelowna is a town on the Hometown Server (Who would’ve guessed) that currently has 37 residents residing in it (as of 22 November 2018). Established on the 9th of November, it opened its doors on the 15th of the month. Featuring a town hall, town farms, a town mine and a growing network of free food dispensers, Kelowna is an ideal town for new players as well as those more experienced on the server.

A passionate and experienced staff ensure that settling into the town is as seamless as possible with rapid yet controlled growth ensuring that the natural charm of the town is maintained alongside an active and flourishing community. The town features a national park with walking trails and campgrounds with soon to be added parkour and rock climbing facilities. There will soon be a market area opening.

The rules of Kelowna are pretty stock standard and are as follows:
  1. Don’t grief
  2. Don’t steal other people’s staff
  3. When using public farms, replant/breed what you intend to harvest
  4. Be civil and respectful
  5. Only build in areas where staff have allowed you to
  6. There is a 20 block above plot height restriction. If you get permission from town staff, you can build higher though.
  7. Town staff reserve the right to revoke your claim to a plot or an apartment if you are deemed to be inactive.
Inactivity policy is as follows:
For residents: You will not be removed from the town if you are inactive
For plot owners: If you are offline for over 30 days without sufficient reason given to staff, your claim to the plot may be revoked.
For apartment owners: If you are offline for over 14 days without sufficient reason given to staff, your claim to an apartment maybe revoked.

Communication in Kelowna:
Kelowna uses /party. If you are in the Kelowna Party you can talk in town chat by doing /p (msg) or can toggle between town chat and public chat. Kelowna also uses a discord, which you can join using this link: discord.gg/x63tJYC.

How do I get to Kelowna:
  1. If you’re in the Kelowna Party you can simply to /party home
  2. Otherwise or instead of that, you can use /warp kelowna

Servers like this seem to be fans of pictures, so I’ll give you some.

[Image: WvMhdgS.png]
Above: Town centre viewed from a hill near Douleur Place.

[Image: rFTU3u3.png]

Above: Yes, it snows in many areas of Central Kelowna. Here is the Town Hall and surrounding buildings from Warehouse Hill.

[Image: sRX8MqY.png]
Above: The trailheads at Kelowna Woods National Park

So, come check us out in game at /warp kelowna!
I'll definitely have to come check the town out!

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