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/warp BareBasics Coming soon to HomeTown
Hey everyone, so I have decided to open a new shop to the server and Bare Basics is the name.

Have you been on the server and struggled to find an item and every shop you go to is sold out?

Does it ever seem like every shop you go too is either too big, laggy, and confusing to find anything?

Does it ever feel like every shop you go has no aesthetic and its completely unorganized?

Well, do we have the solution for you!!! /warp BareBasics opening December 21st of 2018 is the one stop shop for, you guessed it, the bare basics. This store offers the basic woods, stones, and other items you need for that next building project. Or to find that item you have been hunting for. Each section of our shop will have a list of what is down that way so you never get confused or get lost trying to find that special item. We will have weekly specials, the shop fully restocked every 2 weeks and an ever-expanding roster of store goods and items. This is the place to go when every other store feels barren. 

Our first stage will include basic woods, stones, and dirt to the public for great prices and great services. with future expansions adding more products. 

So get ready HomeTown for the rustic quality that comes with a shop hidden away in the woods, at a great affordable cost. [img]2018-11-27_19.43.45[/img]

There is suppose to be a photo of the build but unfortunately it won't go onto the thread IDK why
Hey, just Curious, but are you the Ghostbuster who once owned the BuildCompany on the old server, the one and only ghostbuster? Smile
[Image: Realistic-Image.png]

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