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A HomeTown christmas bloody miracle
Another Christmas, another chance to spread my joy. Or so says the script. Today i will be giving you people the greatest gift that i can give, which is another copy of a HomeTown christmas bloody miracle. Basically its just a circlejerk of all of my stories ive made across the year melted into this one giant clusterfuck which doesn't have anything to do with christmas or Hometown in general. With that in mind, enjoy. I'll be leaving last years copy as a draft here, aswell. 

[Image: 1KBY4r2.jpg]

[Image: S20ABFw.jpg]

[Image: SbEGbqh.jpg]

Merry christmas ya'll.
yoooo is that a airsoft 1911?
Mechanic, Landrover lover, dont let me near a welder and an oxy torch Big Grin

[Image: CZo9VnF.png]
As a matter of fact, it is. Ya got an eye for detail, don’tcha?
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