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what to do with abandoned buildings on hometown
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hi this is empire1297 and and i was thinking of changing hometown and we need space right well we can change that what if we add a plugin that can renew lands of people builde for 3 months it will be gone unless you tell a admin or staff how long you are going be gone for and we can make more space i ask all admins vote on this idea improve space and buildes thair will be some change to some things but this will help hometown with abandoned buildings problem for people that might take stuff from abandoned buildings and from hackers and from greaft too this will make the community better and safer for others all staff and admins think about the problems that can be fix and change ill get back at you see ya love empire1297

i ment 1 year ok not 3 months

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Partly agree but not 3 months, there are many builds that are over a year old, and I am only talking about partially built or noob huts/farms that are very very basic that do stop a lot of good land going to waste. Some people only play every so often and have built big lavish homes/farms, these should not be touched. Real life gets in the way for a lot of people sometimes, others just get interested in a new game for a while then come back, there hard work should not have to be deleted.

I feel noob huts and basic farms (just a few vegies and abt 10 animals, tiny basic house) should be removed after a year only if someone wants to build there and only after staff have investigated that nothing else is owned by that person that is bigger or underground as that would prove that they have done more work than just built a one day farm.

Minor things like a chest, furnace and craft block and maybe a base frame of a house (clearly not completed) sitting in the middle of nowhere should go after 6 months and again after staff have investigated and only if someone wants to build there.

There still is plenty of room in 1.13 world and with 1.14 around the corner with the rumour being 1.13 world will be expanded, even more room to build.
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Building space really isnt much of a problem though
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This runs along a similar topic to the one I raised about the pre-reset world.

It's very difficult to simply throw away a build that is perceived to be abandoned. Often people come back to the server after a long absence and expect everything to be there, as they left it. Who is to judge how much a build means to someone or how long they can keep it before it is to be deleted? It seems unfair to do that to someone, especially with the chance that they may not have even been aware that their build would be removed.

The first server I ever played on did this, and I returned after two weeks to find that I no longer had any builds or items. I then immediately left that server, never to return.

Plus, as Anonymouse already mentioned: We don't have any issue with building space. People complain about the random teleport taking them to other players' builds all the time, but usually it's just a case of them whining about a problem that can be solved relatively quickly. The truth is that we have more space than we realise we have...
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In general the staff deals with abandon buildings on a case-by-case basis, with the general guideline being that the building's owner has to have been off line for more than 7 months. That being said, removing abandoned buildings is only an option if it's existence is an issue of some kind.
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I change it to 10 months
I do think 10 months might be more beneficial to everyone, but I would argue that abandoned builds should stay for 20 months, to ensure the player is not coming back, but as with the abandoned warp claim, which is 9 months I believe, ten months would be better.
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