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(UPDATED) Ban appeal.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, thought it was something with claiming.

Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP.

Minecraft name: Piiinq

Reason for your ban: Crop theft / Fail to replant.

Who banned you: Guy

Why should you be unbanned: I was at u farm because people said that it was a good farm, so i just farmed all i wanted and didnt know that you had to replant because i just rushed in and didnt read any signs. I really am sorry and will immedietly give the loot to a staff or owner! I will do anything to come back, cuz i love the server!

Why do you want to come back: I am new to the server and the people are just very friendly. I genuenly think it is a very good server and i did spend quite a bit of my time building my house and also being friendly to people i for example helped a guy called Black___Hawk Build 2 houses. I Really hope this clears it up! I really am sorry and will immidietly replant or do whatever u want! 

Note: I have now read through the rules and saw that it wasnt allowed, so i am also sorry for not reading the rules but just reading some of it. I now know all the rules and can see what i did was wrong and such things will never happen again.
You've been unbanned. When you return to the server you will be required to turn in the crops you took to a staff member for destruction as the farm has been rolled back. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of any warp you use in the future. Welcome back to Hometown!

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