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Canadian man for project
Hello my name is Justin aka polkarou im 33 and a gov security guard in Ottawa Canada. Im married and do not have children. Im looking to make social friends on this server as well as do a few projects (staff willing) Ive always been eager to make interesting pve / pvp/ puzzle things for server enjoyment. Let me know if you have any ideas or if you want to collaborate. 

I much prefer to use voice communication on discord but i can work within whatever confines you wish.

Thanks and GLHF


Also if your curious a polkaroo is a children's tv show from the 90s from when i was a boy that only aired in Canada on a show called polka dot door. I figured the name would age date me.
Something I've always wanted to see on hometown was some sort of puzzle map, or scavenger hunt with popular warps, that's my idea for you Smile Anyways if you ever need anything just /mail send ThatOneWolfe and I would be glad to help you!
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Well pm me for details as that person doesnt exist or i dont know how to find it lol

heres my discord link if ever you wanna do that

Welcome Justin,

No, watching polka dot door with your kids age dates you :-). My son is 33 too.

Fellow Ottawan here, shivering and wondering why the Winterlude thaw was only a day long, :-). And who ordered the snow tomorrow?
ooo Welcome to HomeTown! :3
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Welcome to HomeTown!!
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Welcome to the server!
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(02-12-2019, 01:41 AM)Rowebot Wrote: im a commissionare so i know the cold durring winterlue lol
welcome to hometown! i think a puzzle area of some kind could be cool, my discord is Catastrophe#2875 if you ever need help with anything
my discord is 
polkarou #4325

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