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Ban Appeal~Ramsy240
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): the server IP is smp.hometownmc.com so SMP I guess

Minecraft name: Ramsy240

Reason for your ban: Grief

Who banned you: Steasuar

Why should you be unbanned: When I was exploring around I came across some diamond blocks and I saw
a sign on them that said here's some free diamonds, enjoy! It had no dedication to a specific player
and me, being a noob,tried to break them. They were unclaimed so I took them all. I know that even
though they were unclaimed I shouldn't have taken them but this is the first of all my worlds
I found easy to get diamonds, and I was poor and to wimpy to go mining, also I mean come on,
diamond blocks, by the side of the road,with a sign saying here's some free diamonds, enjoy,
it's basically screaming "hey over here! take me!". I know it was wrong and I should have not
done it, I am sorry and as soon as I come back on I will make the diamonds back into blocks
and give them back, I promise.

Why do you want to come back: I am currently traveling and my only friends I have is the one I can
email and Noodle Burg. Also I'm trying to start a town with Noodle Burg and wish to continue that.

(P.S. A promise to me is like the unbreakable vow)
I have checked on those signs and I believe that because they said 'here you have some diamonds' it was unclear whether that was for everyone or for the owner of the house they were outside of. It was an understandable situation, I'd advise you to double check with staff if this happens to you again.

You have been unbanned.

Welcome back to HomeTown!

“Never be cruel, never be cowardly, and never ever eat pears!”

“Always try to be nice but never fail to be kind!”

“Laugh hard, run fast, be kind... “
And I will be asked to hand over all diamonds/diamond tools/diamond armor still, right? I'll do it as soon as I log in anyways, I just wanted to know.


(P.S. I still eat pears? Right? Tongue)

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