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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: Sadbutkwl

Reason for your ban: Rule 1 violations/Trolling

Who banned you: Guy

Why should you be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because I wasn't trying to troll and I was simply confused about the kicks and was asking questions about it. I should have dropped the topic when Guy first asked me but I didn't listen. I was just trying to talk to him because my "friends" were bullying me. I am so sorry for the disrespect and I will watch what I say from now on and how I word what I say in chat and private messages.

Why do you want to come back: xDerpyAlly wrote a book and I was about to read it and I got banned and I never got to write my book about Gullebale
The night you were banned I was alerted to some rules arguments going on in global chat coming from you and your friends. Upon logging on it became very clear that you were a big part of the instigation of these arguments and issues in global chat. Immediately after I logged on you were sending multiple messages a minute about a dog that you had teleported away from and lost, when told to let it go and space out your messages you moved to talking about taking people's skin (which you refused to drop initially when asked as well, as it was making some players uncomfortable)

A few minutes later as you pointed out you proceded to argue about a kick you received for disrespect in global chat for a good few minutes, with me having told you to drop it several times before you finally dropped it at the threat of further punishment.

You claim to have been actually confused about the kicks you received so let me explain. You had just been kicked for disrespect for calling another player "bitch" (We make it very clear that cussing at players is not allowed) and immediately after you logged back in, said "wowowow" then posted what turned out to be a part of a vine, "I love you BITCH".  As you had literally been kicked less than 30 seconds before for calling a player "bitch" I issued a second kick

Following that, one of your friends posted the full text of the vine in chat and you proceded to throw a fit that she wasn't kicked immediately as well.

Following this you private messaged me a few minutes later to tell me that you were being "bullied" by your friends in PM. After observing for a few minutes, it was not hard to figure out that y'all were simply trolling and attemtping to waste my time, at which time you and the friend that was actively trolling with you were both banned for rule 1 violations (don't be very annoying on purpose)

As you received multiple warnings from me throughout the night for rule 1, I am going to ask that you update this appeal and put in more effort as at the current moment I am not convinced that unbanning you will not result in the same types of situations with you trolling in chat.

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