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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: Colonel_Rob

Reason for your ban: No idea. Reason is listed as a blank theft, which isn't possible since the server has anti-griefing and personal build lots that are there specifically to circumvent the possibility of this. After reading through other post on the forums, however, it must have been for taking something off of a banned player or unclaimed area that was previously occupied, which apparently isn't allowed, and I was unaware of this.

Who banned you: derpedos

Why should you be unbanned: Rules on unclaimed areas need to be much more clearly posted, they weren't listed anywhere when I began playing in the game, and having to go to an outside source to find in depth detailed things is a little much when you are playing on a new server. Banable offenses need to be listed in the start zone, anything else should be a warning so that you know better for in the future. It should have been sent via in game message system as a warning. The ban was listed blankly/loosely and was overzealous, if anything. It should have been a warning, and did not warrant a random ban. Seems rather suspect that immediately after dropping $45 on VIP3 I would get a random ban with no warning, no communication, or anything else of the sort in the slightest bit.While this was gone about in the wrong way, I do know what not to do in the future now at least.

Why do you want to come back: I literally just spent $45 on VIP3 because I was enjoying playing and planned to continue doing so.
To lay things on the table first, we do have such rules listed in the tutorial. The first sign says "no griefing," and the second one tells you to do /rules, which states not to modify another players build. You removed diamond blocks from /warp diamonds, valuing at around $1800 in game. Additionally, donating for a VIP rank does not exclude you from bans.

That being said, I can understand how the message may not have been clear. It is easy to forget things and the rules may not be entirely clear. 

In the future, if you're unsure about something just put a question out in chat. Our players are always willing to help you out. 

You have been unbanned. Please return the stolen items to a staff member when you are on next. Welcome back!
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