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I AM BACK!!! and i have so much in mind......
Hola Mis amigos,
As many of you know I AM BACK!!!!.. just came back 3-4 days ago.. love the new changes (ender and melanie getting guardian and cat and bel getting elites). 

Amazed to see Vtown grow so much.. Am gonna help make it grow more with Cat. 

Also its time i publicize my farms. i have a concrete farm pumpkin farm, leather farm and a super smelter...

watch out for the warps coming soon for public use....

(i found it completely groofed, when i came back) but thank the ambular it's all fixed Heart
So good to see you back! It's been a while. Tbh when you left and at bad moments I was even considering leaving myself. I'm sorry I can't do more over the week now that I'm employed again, but I try my best. I did find some people talented at building to help progress the growth of Vtown faster such as zocket and frosticus, and clockaesthetics is now the official interior designer for people that want to buy a home at Vtown, but are simply to lazy to make interior themselves or don't know how to do it - clock will do it for some additional $$. Regardless, Vtown and Hometown in general just hasn't been the same without you as you were among the first friends I made back when I joined almost 10 months ago now, and still are pretty much among my best friends on the server. Hope you managed to get your college stuff sorted out because as much as I like having you around I would never want you to compromise your real life because of the server. Anyway this has been a long post, all in all I'm very happy to see you back, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Welcome back Elsio!
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Welcome back Mr. Elsio!!
[Image: IzbkFTLI_400x400.jpeg]

It's great to see you back El!
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
It's great to see you back! Can't wait to see you on again Smile
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Picture by Faysilverwood
I have no idea what my signature should be so it’s this lol.

I am CowGoesMooo, a longtime veteran to Minecraft. I started playing on the Xbox 360 at around 2012 or 2013, and have loved the game ever since. I started playing on the server around early August, and here I am!
Welcome back <33333
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