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Hi HT!

Recently (meaning like the last 2? years) there's been a lack of fun on Hometown, so in addition to a few things hidden up my sleeve and in my socks, what kind of suggestions do you have for making HT more enjoyable again? Minigames, server involvement events, forum games, whatcha got?

Love u long time

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Honestly, I would like some minigames back up! I've been missing those lately. I would also suggest more "Build comps" which are hosted in a separate creative world! (and honestly, I think we should host the Hometown pixelmon server again) Other than that, I have no other input Smile

Sincerely, Cil

Oh, maybe a Chess plugin, and a "daily challenge" plugin!
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Bring back the minigames world, with regular (maybe monthly) tournaments or competitions. Get people to log in at the same time and have fun in team ctf, spleef, or just a parkour map where the winner gets some sort of prize

Plugins. Chess, marriage, mpet, vehicles. Of course, this is always dependant on whether the plugins have updated to the newest version of minecraft or not Sad

Build competitions in creative where people compete to build the best parkour / minigame / shop / spawn build, and the winner has their build actually used in the server for its intended purpose

Perhaps, a dedicated team for setting up minigames? I really love minigames okay.

Fun activities like treasure hunts, mazes, puzzles, and the likes that people can participate in. Maybe a quiz that people can enter just by talking in chat?

"Help a guest" activity where everyone forms a team and helps a new player get set up with a simple house? After all, most people on the server enjoy helping others.

Team builds. Pick something awesome to build and get people together to build it over a period of a few hours.

End dragon fights!

Elytra flying!

I ran out of ideas...
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/warp mm? <3 <3 <3
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I like all of cil's and Peng's ideas

I definitely like hide and seek games which would be really cool to have implemented

I really miss artmap along with so many other people as I'm sure you already know and if we get it back it would be neat to have some art competitions (though maybe I guess that might be better as a player-hosted thing since it's a vip perk and not everyone would be included)

I really like the elytra flying idea, like if there was like a race/course of some type in the minigame world and not in the normal world because nobody wants to accidentally die and lose their elytra but it would be really fun to run a course with it

Archery range? I think it'd be neat to have some sort of archery range

More public/publicized parkour areas with keepinv
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@Illogical and @Pengu I did start a parkour course a long time ago, I never really started. . . But maybe I could restart the project, so we could have a parkour range? I believe it would also be possible to add a "Keep Inventory" to it if you died, (If Staff Allow)
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Picture by Faysilverwood
I like most of the ideas listed above. Here's my take on the whole thing. I think treasure hunt-style mini games or events could be interesting - not necessarily hunger games, but if people were interested in it then perhaps even that is an option. As for elytra flying courses, I believe deadcore has one already ... maybe it just needs to be advertised more often publicly. There is however the issue that not everyone has or can afford an elytra, but maybe it could be solved by borrowing elytras temporarily to the people taking part in the course, and then later they'd have to give it back. As for my personal contribution towards this ... I was thinking of making a big roman style colosseum at some point at Vtown, and it wouldn't be just a purely aesthetic build, but I was also thinking about making it into a pvp arena where we could organize small tournaments and the winner would get some sort of prize. The only issue with that one is that I would have to make it in singeplayer 1.12.2 with worldedit which means I'd have to take some time off the server, which is not something I'm looking forward to. Also there's horse racing courses, I believe there already is a very good looking one at Moderntown, perhaps if it was advertised more often and if there were some sort of prizes for the winners - more people would take part in it. I think most of the stuff basically has 2 issues. A)its not advertised enough even if it's there and B) There aren't any rewards (they do not have to be anything significant in my mind atleast as long as there's something in it for the participants). As for plugins that's not really staff can do much about unless they got updated, from the fun ones that I can remember - there's the mob arena (PVE) that used to be a popular feature on some of servers, but I'm not quite sure how hard it would be to implement it, nor how many people would be interested in it. There's also a very ambitious idea I had (after Vtown is completed, or it could be done simultaneously) and that would be a town for everyone - basically a place where everyone regardless of their rank, skills and style could build whatever they wanted to - I can see that possibly bringing players closer to one another in theory, but not sure how it would work in practice. Then there's also amusement parks and rollercoasters and such, but I'm not very good at making those (just putting it out there in case someone else is). I've already established a warp that provides guests, rookies and regulars with a full set of unenchanted dmd gear whenever I've got time for it as something everyone can receive one time only. Maybe it would be better if it was iron as its easier to get in large quantites - something like warp kit used to be, but from what I've seen the one that established warp kit doesn't seem to be online much or at all sadly, as I think that having some sort of starter kit is something that might keep some newcomers on the server instead of playing a bit and then leaving. Also think that Uberspleef is pretty cool, would be nice if some sort of a tournament or tournaments were organized using it, once again with some sort of a small reward for the winner. At the moment I cannot think of anything else, but if I do later on I might write a post again. Hopefully something I've said has been atleast a bit helpful towards what we're trying to achieve here.

P.s. I just remembered that recently the disguises plugin was added again, and I think that's a step in the right direction. Also think that artmap might be something a lot of people would be happy to see back.

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maybe a trolling plugin with trolls or something. As long as it doesn't hurt others
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I don't know, A trolling plugin seems pointless to me. I mean, there is /kittycannon though
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We’ll definitely look more into a new minigames plugin, hopefully we’ll be back at it again soon enough!
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