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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: CHUCKDAFOX

Reason for your ban: diamond block theft

Who banned you: Ender

Why should you be unbanned: i was running through the forest when i stumbled across 4 diamond blocks int he forest they were not claimed nor were they guarded so i took them i sorry i will buy 4 more and replace them 

Why do you want to come back: because this server is great i love it i had no idea the blocks were someones i thought it was abandoned.
To begin, may you be reminded that any structure built on HomeTown is claimed, even if it looks abandoned. If you did not build it, don't touch it. In addition to the 4 diamond blocks you took, you also took some grass blocks and nether quartz ore from a chest located inside the structure on which the diamond blocks were placed. 

I am willing to unban you if you answer the following questions completely:

1. If a building looks abandoned, does it mean you can take from it?

2. If blocks/items are not claimed, does that mean you can take them?

3. What have you learned from this discussion? 
[Image: IzbkFTLI_400x400.jpeg]

2.no if you did not gather you can buy or trade for them otherwise they are not yours
3. that the hometown server is a server of respect and shoulfd therefore be respected
-ps ender if you meet me in game i can pay you back
Very well, then.

You have been unbanned.

Please return all of the stolen items to me or any other staff when you rejoin. Failure to do so will result in a re-banning. Welcome back to HomeTown!!
[Image: IzbkFTLI_400x400.jpeg]


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