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The Pigeon Experiment.
I decided randomly to do an interesting thing. i asked a lot of people (including some outside of HT) 
"On an average day, how many pigeons could you reasonably carry?"

And surprising probably no one. I received a lot of funny answers. and i decided to compile some answers on a forum post. cause why the hell not Smile

"This is an oddly specific question, are you alright?" 
*Marks note on notepad*

"What the fuck Golden!?"

"Depends on the colour of the sun."

Ijan (friend from other server)
"depends if they like coconut juice."

"I think its spelled Pidgeotto"

"So, lets say i can fit 6 in my hoodie and 4 in my jeans."
"I reckon i can still fit one somewhere."

"1... if i let the dirty thing touch me."

"6: one in each hand and 4 in my belly."


And just because i can. i also added in all the data and made a graph


Finally, i would like to add in that Mem had estimated 13000 pigeons.... And if i had put his answer in the graph... none of the other answers would show up, cause his answer took up 95.7% of it  Tongue
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i have changed my estimation to 6500. baby pidgeottos weigh like 20grams m8, gimme big enough pockets and ill just throw em in there.
10-12 alive pigeons
15 dead pidgeons
Or *e* pidgeons in quantum flux
^That's shockingly close to my answer of 10-ish live ones or 17 dead
god damnit star, pushing the graph limits up

This is set on an average day, which means that pre-planned-pigeon-pilfering equipment is out of the window (unless you're an utter psychopath).

Let's see, on an average day I'm wearing my coat, jeans, shirt, and shoes. I guess I could put the pigeons into my coat and wrap them up, but I would have to catch them first. There is a bridge near to my flat where pigeons have created nests under the metal beams and there's probably about 30ish pigeons living there. The bridge is a road bridge next to a railway bridge, so it would be feasible for me to climb down from the road bridge into the gap between the two, and use my coat to cover the holes at the end of the beams. I could then put my arms down the sleeves and grab the pigeon, pulling it into the coat and wrapping it up. I would then have to store said pigeon somewhere while I catch others. If I were to keep them in my flat nearby, I could shut them in the kitchen and use the kitchen door and the main flat door as some form of airlock to stop them from escaping while still allowing me to bring more pigeons into the enclosure. Lets say I capture all 30 pigeons. How many of those could I reasonably carry? Well, assuming I have 30 pigeons in my flat kitchen, I could shut the door and walk around with my coat trying to catch them all inside the coat. I reckon I could fit around 10 pigeons into the coat and still be able to carry it.

Of course, I could be an UTTER PSYCHOPATH and kill the pigeons. In which case, I would probably be able to carry all 30 of the kitchen-pigeons in a large sports bag with a zip or something.
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ayyy my mathmatical answer is on the graph, sweet!
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Sorry not sorry I'm an efficient pigeon holder
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I discussed this with my friend today as we were walking back from his house after lunch. He said he reckons he could use his shoe laces and tie the pigeons' legs up and carry them round like that. He reckons he could get about 50 pigeons, some on his laces and some inside his coat, and carry them
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Allow me to introduce the newest product from Biscuit Industries

(04-05-2019, 02:56 AM)BaronVonBiscuit Wrote: Allow me to introduce the newest product from Biscuit Industries

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