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Rate my signature.
how is it?
"it hurts when i pee" - John Fortnite Kennedy 1962
Better than mine that's for sure!
I'm bi.... yea I know this signature sucks.
it get a solid 7/10
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
i'll give it a 4/6
“If you look for the light, you often find it. But if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see." -Iroh, The Legend of Korra
(04-07-2019, 04:01 AM)ClevelandBrownFG Wrote: how is it?

Mmm... 5/10
- Sweetiele
(04-07-2019, 04:01 AM)ClevelandBrownFG Wrote: how is it?

I'll give it a 3/10, it's sorta disrespectful to the former president, and the quote's not inspirational which loses points for me (Just my opinion)
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