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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: Zenithium

Reason for your ban: "team grief."

Who banned you: "woozis"

Why should you be unbanned:

I should be unbanned because I didn't have control of my account. My brother (our family only has this computer because we don't have money and I got this account for my birthday under the condition that I'll share it with my brother) has been playing with his schoolmate on discord. His schoolmate bribed him (he didn't want to) with several iron blocks to raid bases together.
Today, I ran Minecraft and saw that my account was banned on your server. Also, since I hadn't witnessed that, could you please send me the proof. Thanks in advance.

Why do you want to come back:

I want to come back because I still care about the server. Even though I am new on the server, I voted for almost every day. I even voted for today. The server has a great community, I actively played on the server and I truly believe that the admins/mods understand my situation.
There were quite a handful of areas around the New world that were griefed. Unfortunately the screenshots are on my laptop, which is broken.

I am willing to unban you, but you must understand in the future that you will be held responsible for anything done on your account, even if you were not the one using it at said time.
[Image: g2NnfopJTvWZE_YwIlgVCA.png]

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