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New Set of Rules which should be added.
So I was thinking why not make a suggestion for rules, These rules aren't there in the rules book but the staff warn us for it or not at all a rules book.


12. Selling/Auctioning renamed Items.

example: A user was Banned from the server for 15 mins because it was a warning but the staff told that it wont be 15 mins if they did it again.

13. Bold Paragraphing in chat because its kinda like a spam. There should be a like a spam kick.

14. The rules which the staff say should be there in rules book because that kinda makes it unfair because you think you are punished for no reason but turns out you are punished for a reason.

I hope these rules are taken into consideration Thank you and have a nice day Smile
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selling renamed items comes under scamming

using excessive bold comes under the first three words "do not spam". plus, being kicked for doing it is a good enough warning. It's not like you'll be banned for using bold the first time
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IMO selling ‘joke items’ is a genuinely fun concept when arranged properly. For example a fish renamed Nemo and sold isn’t exactly the worst (if I’ve completely missed the point just ignore me)
The rules suggested have already been addressed in a forum kat created.

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