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ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): hometownminecraft

Minecraft name: buttmam

Reason for your ban: beacon theft

Who banned you: Ender

Why should you be unbanned: i've learnt my mistake about taking blocks from other builds (griefing) i was tempted and gave in, i was dumb and didn't think about the rules or the players im affecting, im very sorry and will not do it again and im thankful i can be repealed. i understand that its devastating losing something that you worked hard on getting and realise i would hate it if it had happened to me, i was honestly counting on the chance it may be an old build and wouldn't be missed, but i understand thats breaking the rules and is not a chance worth taking. what we did was awful and ill make sure to never do it again. 

Why do you want to come back:  ive been on this server for a good while and i love how it works, ive built a place for myself that i relay would hate to lose. i play with a couple friends sometimes, im currently playing with a friend that has helped me build a place that we're working and are proud of and would like to keep building, again im sorry for what happened and ill be sure to keep to myself when seeing other builds while exploring.
you literally just copied my ban appeal and posted it here
rachnera, you should look at your appeal and thank you for the information.

Now as far as buttmam goes:
Appeal Denied

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