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Ban Appeal
Server You were banned on - smp.hometownmc.com (MC Server)

MC Name - BestGaymerNA

Reason for your ban - X-Ray

Who Banned You - Trekkie

Why should you be unbanned - I was never using x-ray, this was just a misunderstanding. How I prefer to mine for ore is digging to Y=3 (to my knowledge it's the best Y Cord for diamonds), strip mining (1x2 hole), and just zig-zag every few blocks to cover the general area. This morning I spent 3 hours mining on the server using this method. (I understand the visual similarities with my mining methods and x-raying). It was also very profitable so I can see how it raised flags. However, I have never cheated on this server, and I never plan to. I abide by all the rules, vote daily, and try my best to be respectful of other's Warps.

Why you want to come back - I just recently got back into Minecraft after a three-year hiatus. Once I came back I had gone from server to server, looking for the one that's just right. Since I found this server, I've put around 30-40 hours into hometownMC just over the past week, because I know it's the server for me. I love the people and staff because they are always helpful. I love community farms and warps to help people get rare resources. Also, I love the base that I got set up. I just really would appreciate being unbanned, to get past this misunderstanding so I can continue playing. Its really euphoric to play on this server for me, especially after a stressful day at work. Thank You.

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- BestGaymerNA Big Grin
After reviewing your mines again, and got some thoughts from other staff, I've concluded that you're indeed not x-raying. Apologies for the misunderstanding. You've been unbanned. Welcome back to HomeTown!
Developer of AdvancedGift
Disability is not a barrier. Only when you believe it is would it become one. ~TrekkieEndermom
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Thank you for being understanding! I have no hard feelings, just happy to be back!
- BestGaymerNA Big Grin

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