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The real tea!
Well ladies and gents, you clicked to hear the tea! And I'm spilling all...  Exclamation

I'm back!

Yeah, that's it... Not so exciting really I guess but... what more do you want? At least it's not Lipton brand.   Wink

Uhh there's probably a few of you who don't know me so uhmmm let us get into that shall we?

Fun facts about me:
  • I joined Hometown in February of 2014!
  • I was a [Trusted] before the restructuring of the ranks. I am now an [Expert] (yuck, I'm working my way towards Veteran).
  • Was friends with many a popular player back in my day including but not limited to... Mr_Sox, _SebMC, TheOnlyKat (she's not as popular obv so you might not know her), Sarah, Lex, Osh and more.
  • I previously played on ThnxCya's Minecraft server (which no longer exists).
  • Previous owner of /warp Outlets, /warp Cambridge and managed a 'business' that partnered with /warp AvalonMall
  • I love to build. Building and designing things is what drives me to play Minecraft.
  • I am applying to major in Urban Planning (what a surprise Dodgy ).
  • I live in California
  • I listen to Kacey Musgraves, Ariana Grande, Kim Petras, P!ATD, Hey Violet, Troye Sivan and Humble Braggers.
And that's about it. If there's anyone who knows me better than I do let me know what I missed!

Love y'all.  Heart
 ~ Member since February 2014 ~
[Image: 1v5bXnq.jpg]
Long time no see Brockist, Welcome back to hometown Smile
Promoted to Elite - 7/29/19
No-one truly knows anything, so explore the world. - Cil
dude welcome back!!!!!! it's great to see you again :>
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
we've only ever spoken once, but welcome back!
"Permit my hazard into your plight. Once life sucked, now 'tis alright?" -Epros, Okage Shadow King


Welcome back tho b <3
- KatNip
Wow, that's a name I've not seen in awhile. Welcome back, Brock.
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"C'mon, let's keep it simple, huh?  He broke the rules, I banned him."

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