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Hometown 6th Anniversary Event
Are y'all ready for the

[Image: Ryj3n58.png]

The event will be hosted on:
Sunday 11th August 2019

US Time Zones: PDT: 12PM / MDT: 1PM / CDT: 2PM / EDT: 3PM / AKDT: 11AM
Other Time Zones: AEST: 5AM / BST: 8PM / CEST: 9PM

Take part in a range of activities including parkour, spleef, a maze, a treasure hunt, and secret santa and get the chance to win some awesome prizes!

Will you have to change game version/client?
No, you will be able to join on a 1.14.4 client, only the server is set up as 1.13.

Do we have to join on a different IP?
No, we will be swapping the server IP's so sometime later today when you log in, it will be the event server. You will NOT be able to access the normal SMP server during the active hours of the even.

Can we join the survival server while the event is on?
Sadly, no. The survival server will be shut for the duration of the event. Please if you don't wish to participate don't complain, we would like everyone to have fun for this event!

Will we have our items on us?
No as this is being hosted on a different server. Do NOT worry on the new server if you dont have your SMP things. They are still on the survival server and will still be there when we swap back Smile

Where is my VIP?
All players have been set to this event's default rank. It's super cute and hope you'll like it! - You will still have VIP on the normal server, this event server is to reduce lag and also to make sure VIP players can't use /speed or /fly during the event Smile

How will items/rewards work if we are on another server?
We have created a system which will require patience!!! Please do not get upset or impatient - how it will work is in each event there will be vouchers (paper) renamed as an item (For example: 1 fox spawn egg) Collect as many vouchers as possible during the event and at the end we will write down your name, collect all your vouchers and transfer them onto the SMP server.

How will drop party work?
We will be doing a drop party on the normal server with a twist. Some of you may remember being in rooms with numbers on them and a random number gen going off, We will be doing the same today.

If anyone is caught cheating - they will be banned from the event. Don't cheat, no one likes a cheater![Image: 2019-07-30_19.43.36.png]

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: my-image_9.png]
I heard rumours of some "portal parkour 2" or something, not sure what that means
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
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No-one truly knows anything, so explore the world. - Cil
(08-02-2019, 04:47 AM)Penguin Wrote: I heard rumours of some "portal parkour 2" or something, not sure what that means

Also nice, finally an event
forums dwelling cow
spending more time on the forums than ingame
ok bye
Wait what
[Image: my-image_9.png]
if there isnt a thog cave, im not going
thog dont caare

1 decade ago
Sounds fun
My treasure hunt looks so good :,) Hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do!
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

Well can I not join the parkour because I will definitely fail and rage quit

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