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I am Sorry. (Ban appeal)
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: loudwhisper

Reason for your ban: X-ray

Who banned you: Uber

Why should you be unbanned: Frankly, what I did was immature and impatient. I was often tired after work, so I wanted to ease my burden while playing. But ultimately, what I did was wrong, and this is how I will fix it:
I will delete the X-ray texture pack I was using.
I will destroy diamonds to a total of 0
And I will accept any other punishment that is requested of me.

Why do you want to come back: Smp is one of those one in a million servers where it has the appeal of a normal server, but without all the Pay to win things I see on others. The Community is good, and I genuinely enjoy playing on here.
I will want at least a minimum of 4 sentences answers per question. If it appears you have not put enough effort into your appeal it will be denied. 

Why is X-raying bad?

How does X-raying affect other players?

How does X-raying affect the server’s economy?
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