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Pet Transfer
I’m guessing this has been said before but I’m going to say it again. I think it would be great if for say 500 dollars your pets could transfer from one world to another - assisted by staff. It may have to work by running a command to spawn the pet then removing the one in the other world but I feel it would be valuable to many players
just a bit annoying really aren’t i
Great idea, I second this. Often people start with a starter home and then find a better place to settle. Especially when u have pets that can't normally tp as well like pandas and polar bears etc. that you have already acquired and want to take with you.
[Image: HwSS8L4.jpg]
I was more meaning like transferring 1.14 mobs to the 1.12 world.

But yes that would be epic
just a bit annoying really aren’t i

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