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Discord Appeal
Server you were banned on: Discord

Minecraft name: Sky_Crazy, discord Sky#4259

Reason for your ban: Rule number 1 against Empire.

Who banned you: Thatguy, I think (could be wrong)

Why should you be unbanned: I've had a lot of time to stay away from hometown and get some perspective, I realise how horrible I was to empire, I can give you all the excuses I want but I know that doesnt justify anything I said about him or puts me in good graces, I did wrong. I didnt even give him the respect of a human being when I went off on him, all I can say is that im sorry and I only want to prove myself again, I'll never break rule 1 again. (or all the rules just the clarify..)

Why do you want to come back: I really miss the discord community and didnt even try to appeal for a while just to give alot of time for everyone involved to cool off, I wanted to (hopefully) come back with a fresh mindset towards other players, and all in all, I miss you guys.
[Image: wfI7XIF.png]

Nuff' said.

You have been a member of Hometown for a long time, around as long as I have (very possibly even longer, I don't actually know when you joined) and I expect you to know the limits here. These kinds of actions from any player, let alone one that has been around as long as you have are absolutely unacceptable.

Now, with that said, you have taken responsibility for your actions this time and not made excuse, something that I very much appreciate.

You've been unbanned, don't let this happen again. Welcome back to the Hometown discord!
Thankyou, I'll jump on later!
[Image: wfI7XIF.png]

Nuff' said.


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