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Wotter Arrival
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Hey fellas. It me. Jonesxlr.

Short and simple, because I have no real talents, I'm just a dude who plays games.

I identify as a wotter. That is to say, water otter. Go with the flow and stay chill Wink

idk i feel kinda dumb just making this post super small but i don't have much about me that's worth saying
see you guys in game? c:
[Image: woah.gif]
Hey jonesxlr u joined at a great time. Gg on VIP1, hope to see u around and that u stick round. No, events don’t happen daily btw lol
just a bit annoying really aren’t i
Welcome! I saw you yesterday for the server event Smile Hope you enjoy your stay!
- KatNip
[Image: RudTM3d.png]
Welcome to the server and forums! And congrats on VIP1 haha
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

If only we all started with that xD
just a bit annoying really aren’t i

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