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Ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): the Hometown server, smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: ‘Cecemellius’.

Reason for your ban: Grief/crop theft; I stole a few beacons.

Who banned you: ‘LilDevian’ and ‘derepdos’.

Why should you be unbanned: It was wrong to steal those beacons, but it happened a long time ago (even 2 years I think). I’m an adult now and a completely different person: I used to be childish and didn’t care a lot about rules like these, but now I am a lot more mature and will never do things like this again. I will follow each rule.

Why do you want to come back: I would like to play minecraft online again. I remember I used to play on this server, which I found a good one. I also remember that I had bought a VIP packet or something, which made me able to do things like flying.

Thank you very much already!
I’m sorry, but is there even someone who’s looking at my ban appeal?
If you wish to be unbanned, please answer these questions with a few sentences each. 
-Why is stealing wrong?
-How does stealing affect other players?
-What have you learned from this ban?
I would also like to apologise for the long wait. Your ban appeal was somehow overlooked.
-Why is stealing wrong?

Because it is taking something that’s not yours from someone else. That person will miss it and will have done all his hard work to get it legitimately for nothing.

-How does stealing affect other players?

It makes them frustrated, because they have lost something they worked for. It makes them less likely to keep up that work, which causes the activity on the server less developed, thus taking away the fun in the game.

-What have you learned from this ban?

I have learned that is not okay to steal. Like I said, it’s not nice towards other players, who will miss it. I have also learned that the only way to deserve something is to work hard for it.
You have been unbanned.
Upon login in you’ll have to turn in all the stolen items to a member of staff, failure to do so will result in a reban. I also recommend that you go to /Warp tutorial and retake the tutorial, as well as re-read the rules in game with /rules.

Welcome back to HomeTown.

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