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Ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): the Hometown server, smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: ‘Cecemellius’.

Reason for your ban: Grief/crop theft; I stole a few beacons.

Who banned you: ‘LilDevian’ and ‘derepdos’.

Why should you be unbanned: It was wrong to steal those beacons, but it happened a long time ago (even 2 years I think). I’m an adult now and a completely different person: I used to be childish and didn’t care a lot about rules like these, but now I am a lot more mature and will never do things like this again. I will follow each rule.

Why do you want to come back: I would like to play minecraft online again. I remember I used to play on this server, which I found a good one. I also remember that I had bought a VIP packet or something, which made me able to do things like flying.

Thank you very much already!

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