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1.14 Things To Know (Bugs, Lag, etc.)
So it has been brought to my attention that while we've been giving out this info on the server very often that there wasn't any info out here on the forums about issues that have been going on in 1.14 that players may wish to be aware of. 


As many of you no doubt have noticed the server has been having a lot more problems with lag, we are constantly tweaking settings and trying to improve the lag but there's only so much we can do at this time as the lag is caused by 1.14 being very poorly optimized for servers. Owners/Admins of other servers that we have spoken to have been having many of the same issues and as of now there is not a full fix for the lag, likely it will improve as we receive spigot updates so stay tuned to see what comes of those as they release.

Known bugs

Currently we are aware of at least one major bug affecting animal teleportation that makes it pretty much impossible to teleport cats or dogs. This unfortunately is a minecraft bug, not a bug with the server and as such there is no fix currently but we are keeping an ear to the ground for news on it.  

Also, do not sethome or request that warps be set on non-solid blocks (such as carpet or snow) this was already a thing but currently doing /home onto a nonsolid block can cause you to fall through and in some rare cases even into the void.

Out of Date Plugins

I know a lot of you guys are really interested in getting artmap back, I am too and just want to say that there is hope, we've been in contact with the current developers for artmap off and on over the past few weeks and they are working on fixes for the map overwriting issue that we were experiencing, hopefully we can work through that issue with them and get it back eventually (they have said that this fix will take some time though so please continue being patient)

Further notices

Recently there have been a few issues with rollbacks being a little bit more troublesome than usual so staff would like to take this time to urge players able to do so to claim their builds using the golden shovel where possible to make all our lives easier :>

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