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Server Reset Building Plans?
Just curious if y'all have any goals / projects for the server when it resets that you guys want to work on
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All dreams are possible, it just takes time - Cil
First order of business is to reopen my bamboo fed super smelter, so I can control the glass supply

Then of course rebuild the new Damascus, I made some planning mistakes in the current town so it doesn't exactly look like what I had in mind. Spent too much time researching architecture and I forgot about urban planning
I love sand and gunpowder
My plan:
First I claim as many heart of the seas as possible
Then I create a building at the center of the world
Then idk build something I guess
forums dwelling cow
spending more time on the forums than ingame
ok bye
Build a jail, build a house, the usual.
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HomeTown Rulebook

My standard survival outline
Find a village, put the vills together so I can breed them later- make their farms bigger so they will actually like, breed lol
Mine- get iron, get diamonds, use iron gear until I get an etable
get looting III, get wither skelly skulls- beacon
Get rich
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I'll put my main focus on making a City called Talis'Val, inspired by High Rollers D&D. its a big circular city split into 7 districts, and under one of the districts is the remnants of a massive old tomb and a passage that leads to a silver mask on a pedestal

hoping to maybe get a lot of people to move in there and have shops active in the city
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I plan on making the perfct trade hall with extra comfort for the villagers yet with the best efficiency !
well that's gonna take awhile tho
- Kindest and warmest regards  Tongue
I plan on rebuilding Rivertown, really it'd be a shame not to have it on the resetted world when it's been going on for so long
I love seeing all the builds that you guys plan to build/re-build! Really making me want to come back Smile
Promoted to Elite - 7/29/19
All dreams are possible, it just takes time - Cil
Might make a new /warp intl :thinking:
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