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Bomb-a-town Reset Edition: Damascus
Hi all, your friendly neighbor explosive lover here. So I'm really excited for this server reset, since it's a new opportunity to restart everything in a blank slate.

Now, I love my own creation, /warp Damascus, but to be honest, there are still certain things that I'm not fully content about it (mainly calculation errors etc). So, Damascus will appear once again in the new server, in a completely new form and shape. But for now, I want to give my old Damascus a grand farewell. And nothing says grand farewell better than a massive bombardment.

Here is the current /warp Damascus in its grandeur:
[Image: JWJkDTo.png]

[Image: qGa4wm4.png]

As you can see, it's still currently a bit too small. We can't have some serious fun in this tiny town.

So from this moment, I want to start recruiting people to help me build up Damascus, and prepare it for doomsday. The so-called core sector is considered complete, and I will need expansions in the residential areas.

If you're interested, please comment down below so I can add you to the trust list. People who I know to have experience building high density urban areas are always welcomed and prioritized.

The expected timeline for this Bomb-a-town event is:
6/9 to 20/9: Recruitment together with construction
20/9-27/9: Final touches, give the whole place a grand appearance.
28/9 till reset: Free for all!

Thank you so much for helping me make this a memorable event, and happy bombing!
[Image: aenPm2S.png]

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