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Poll: Are you wanting to build your skin?
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/Warp Laststand
Hey yall im building a warp called laststand. This is where anyone can build there skin in plots. Pretty much it is for people who are going to be here to the last day before it all goes. I need a rough head count so i know how many plots to build.
[Image: tumblr_noczeq8jXn1t45pbyo1_500.gif]
ATTENTION ALL. Warp LastStand is finish. Please fell free to come and build your skin to be remembered by our ancestors!!

I can make your skin if you would like. Please leave you IGN in the chest when you spawn and send me a link or a pics of your skin to discord. And also it would be very helpful if you can donate materials so i can build more skins or make more plots
[Image: tumblr_noczeq8jXn1t45pbyo1_500.gif]

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