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Complete the Sentence
Hello forum games peeps! This game goes like this...

Ill say a sentence missing some words (ex. I dont like it, I ____ it) and you have to fill in the sentence with the stupidest thing you can think of, then leave a sentence. Then the next person will answer and so on! (Its kinda like CAH but be appropriate)

Ill go first! Big Grin 

Oh no! I missed the _______

[Image: Cs2f7N6VIAEpyfF.jpg:large]
Oh no! I missed the "ice cube tray ):"
And i leave you with:
"Watch out for that ______!"
`"Watch out for that Truck"

Hey Sally, wanna eat some _______?
"Cheese for everyone!"-Sheogorath

[Image: latest?cb=20190903193957]
hey sally wanna eat some hamburger

i like cheese ________
lol i just got a new pc :Big Grinm so happy      

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