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Ban appeal of FoxSmith (why am i banned?)
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: FoxSmith

Reason for your ban: Xraying? (i dont even have xray resourcepack/mod or whatever it is)

Who banned you: Uber

Why should you be unbanned: I dont have xray and i dont know why I was accused of it. I am confused on why I am banned as well. Please explain

Why do you want to come back: I did not do anything wrong on SMP and just got unbanned, I really am excited for the reset and love the community there

(Sidenote: tell me why Im banned. Is this a mistake ban?)
There is no mistake, you went from ore to ore at different levels without fail. If you ever lie to me again it will be a no appeal ban. After reviewing your previous ban and your blatant lie to me I will give you one chance to come forward with the truth as I do not have time to play games at the moment.

PS: Here is a link to just a few of your breaks... 

[Image: keez3aZ.png]
Uber, I may know why I was "xraying" im not sure yet. My brother went on on 9/9/19 and may have done this. I remember leaving my computer on while I went to a program. He may have done this while I was at the program. Ill see if what i say is true.
Whatever happens on your account is your responsibility. You may wish to clear this up on your end before addressing it on here.
I just spoke to my brother and he admitted it to me eventually. I have found and deleted the x-ray resourcepack he added and I am sorry for what the account has caused. Should I make a new ban appeal to include the new data?
I will get back to you this weekend regarding your appeal.
 I will want at least 2 sentences answers per question. If you are unbanned the perma-ban will turn into a 28 day temp ban and after that time is up you would be allowed to return.

Why is X-raying bad?

How does X-raying affect other players?

How does X-raying affect the server’s economy?
[Image: keez3aZ.png]
Why is X-raying bad? x-raying is bad because it is a cheat to get quick diamonds and other minerals. It also grants certain players advantages over others.

How does X-raying affect other players? X-raying affects other players by giving the X-rayer more items than others and makes that x-rayer hoard all of the minerals while another may not have any. The players may have a harder time to get the items that the x-rayer has.

How does X-raying affect the server’s economy? X-raying affects the server economy by giving certain players the ability to mine for a while and then sell the items with ease. Thus breaking the economy with an overflow of cheated items whilst other players may be scarce on resources and making the x-rayer rich.
Your ban has been converted into a 28 day temp ban. When it is over you may log back onto HomeTown.
Thank for unban

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