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Greetings Hometownies!

As I'm sure most of you have heard by now, the server will be resetting in less than 1 month! 

[Image: giphy.gif]

Many of you have thrown out some great ideas that you'd like to see implemented in the new server. 

Fear not, your suggestions have not fallen on deaf ears! In fact, we'd like to hear more from YOU the players! 

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We are now taking any and all suggestions into consideration, so please, post your ideas below!

(Disclaimer: We can't implement ALL suggestions we receive, but if enough people like your idea it may get chosen!)

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I honestly would just love to see a recipe for nausea/blindness potions. Maybe using clownfish or something.
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(09-11-2019, 09:44 AM)Dinogirl2468 Wrote: I wish there was a command that is like /ptime and /pweather where you can make it stay. What i mean by this is if i do /ptime Day itll stay day until i leave the server. Maybe where it goes like /ptime day stop. same for /pweather clear. i just like light. I mean i can just keep doing /ptime day but if i didn't have to it'll be sweet.

There is a command to make it stay daytime until you leave the server! Try /ptime @noon

There isn’t one for clear weather though, that I know of.
I'd like to see the claiming rule enforced a bit more during the start of the new world. This does mean some more workload for the staff team, I'm afraid: The land claim rule that was originally intended to prevent hoarding valuable land that a player didn't intend to build on seems to have been dialed back to just making identifiable claims, which just results in a mad frenzy to find and claim as many structures as one can on every world expansion. I think this could be quite problematic on a new world, especially if it's going to be smaller sized, so I'd thus like an honor system rule of only allowing players to claim one of each type of structure for now. One village, one nether fortress, one pillager outpost, one ocean monument, that sort of thing. Staff naturally would not be able to monitor every player to make sure no one is claiming more than they should, but they would reserve the ability to revoke a claim if it's brought to their attention.

I'd like to see End treasures be made a little more accessible by creating and resetting the resource End more regularly. With the previous world, the resource End was reportedly never reset, making them only obtainable through the slot machines and depriving pretty much every newer player from the End raiding experience. This also made shulker boxes quite pricey, something I don't feel is all that appropriate just for portable inventory management.

Speaking of the slot machines, I don't know what the staff has planned for these but I was thinking the most powerful of the prizes, namely the elytra, should be temporarily disabled at the start of the new world, or else players who win these would randomly gain an immense advantage at traversing the world and looting structures before anyone else. They would go back in at the same time flight gets re-enabled, I figure.

In addition, I would like to suggest a few new slot additions:
- Sponges in the aquatic machine, which are pretty craptastic unless you have a bunch of them and thus don't really deserve to be rarities in my opinion.
- Trader Llama spawn eggs, replacing the regular Llama eggs in the 1.14 slot machine.
- Stacks of plain fireworks for elytra usage in the End machine, which are harder to produce than they should be due to multiplayer spawn rates. They could replace those awful End Stone booby prizes, maybe.
- Sand, gravel, and uncolored terracotta as replacement booby prizes, for alternative methods of obtaining these than going to the res world and nuking the landscape. Replace some of the wood or mushroom prizes, perhaps.
- Mooshroom spawn eggs, due to the mushroom islands quickly becoming inaccessible and wild specimens becoming nonexistent.
If possible I would love /near to be accessible to some sort of rank or VIP. Whether is Elite or VIP3. Just a suggestion if you guys are planning to add things to the ranks and change things up.
I was actually wondering if we can do what we did a before the last reset around spawn, Have a looping road about 200 blocks out, and on the inside of the road (closest to the spawn building) it's protected ground so it keeps spawn looking clear and clean, then I guess after the road it turns into Rio de Janeiro lmao
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Something that I think could be taken into account is to have a build competition for the /warp shop, if it is still being implemented?
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They might just use the previous, as that one was a contest so someone already won the favour of staff.
Mechanic, Landrover lover, dont let me near a welder and an oxy torch Big Grin

[Image: CZo9VnF.png]
Will the server have a sell shop? If it does, is it possible that crops can be added to it?
Hi, I would like to see more items be added to the server shop. I do hope its kept as its a good source for everyone to earn some money and does help to keep prices from dropping to zero.

A new FAQ and shop tutorial to be kept from the beginning like Uber has had set up on his plot. Has come in handy so many times.

I see Illo did up a book explaining some of the main rules of the server. It was very good, this should be given to every single player upon spawning in. Also in the rules section more emphasis on no griefing and no raiding of abandoned/unlocked/unclaimed things. Its still not overly clear in this area and is the cause of many bans which takes away people from the server.

A change to some of the banning rules, maybe. It does seem silly to do a full ban on someone who has forgotten to replant compared to someone who has x-rayed. X-rayers and constant Rule 1 breakers need to have a set time away from the server.

A set of town rules that every single town should be forced to have regarding eviction. This will stop new players who don't understand our can't evict because u didnt state it rule, leaving their town clogged up with dead players and them leaving because they can't do anything in their town anymore. Maybe a warp to Server Town Rules. They can always add more rules to their personal town but there should be a basic set.

One more I forgot, many more animal spawn eggs being added to slots. Some type of animals only live in certain biomes, once these are claimed it become near impossible for other players to get. Also the more common animals become scarce as many starting out kill everything in sight on their journey through the map. So newbies coming on to the server, say 6 months or more after the map has opened and find a tiny bit of free land to set up on quickly become disheartened as they can't find something as simple as a cow or sheep or pigs.

The fox, panda, cat, dolphin eggs have been extremely popular and more rare beasts should be added, especially those of animals you can not breed like polar bears and parrots and mooshrooms which can become wiped out quickly.

Basically all animal eggs should be available in slots. Maybe the more rare ones a bit harder to get then then common animals.
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