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I just realized I hadn't done one of these, or at least I don't remember.

Heya HometownMC!

I'm Atticus (not my real name ofc), but I've been referred to as Slizz (Which isn't my name or really a name I use all too often, explain later), Atti, and Atty. I started playing minecraft about the time the Enderman came around (Beta 1.8/ Adventure update vets, raise your hands!).

EDIT: I'm also Busybee on the server itself

I don't exactly remember joining hometown but I will list some if not all my feats:
-Mayor of Slimetown
-Mayor of Sunset Valley

Both those towns are now defunct.

You may find me through here or discord.

I also do textRPs, which is where my name Slizz came from. Slizz is my slime girl RP character I had made long ago for fun. She's been a part of who I am forever. I also used her as my VRChat avatar and RPed on that game till recently when my VR broke.

I'll try and say Hello as much as possible but hullo.
"Cheese for everyone!"-Sheogorath

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(09-11-2019, 09:59 AM)ExtraHope Wrote: Welcome!

Thanks! I've been here quite a while actually, but I uh, never did this post before now.
"Cheese for everyone!"-Sheogorath

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Welcome :3 !
- KatNip
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(09-12-2019, 08:25 PM)TheOnlyKat Wrote: Welcome :3 !

"Cheese for everyone!"-Sheogorath

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