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Server Reset FAQ and a Small Update
Howdy Homies, resident Radmin here bringing you guys a quick place to check for the most commonly asked questions regarding the upcoming server reset. You have questions and hopefully we've got the answers. 

When is the reset happening? We are actually going to be pushing the date forward just a touch, to the 28th of September. We have received a lot of feedback from you guys that you would like it done sooner and while we do understand (and agree, because we're as excited as you guys to get to play on the new server) there's still a decent amount of prep work that needs to be done to get everything exactly as we'd like it. 

Will a server reset really solve the problems we've been having? I've heard that 1.14 is just a laggy mess as a whole.    Well I'm glad you asked, imaginary other half of this conversation! In all honesty there is likely still going to be some lag when we move to the new server, as has been pointed out 1.14 is very poorly optimized as a whole, especially once you get over a certain number of players. Ideally though, the removal of all of the extraneous worlds (There are currently 11 that players have access to, and that bc of that can be loaded), especially the second survival world should make a pretty decent dent in things. That's not to mention the main reasons that a lot of this is being done, things are breaking around the server that a reset will 100% fix and that absolutely need to be adressed. I'm sure a lot of you guys have noticed some of your animals/mobs/etc disappearing as of late? It's an issue that's been occurring across the server as a result of how many entities are on the server between all these worlds. 

Will this fix any of the broken plugins we have? Fantastic question! So far we are pretty much certain that we will be able to get Artmap back up and running once we move to the new server, most of the issues we have been having have been due to cluttered databases and other issues that come with a server that's been run for a couple years

How can I save a copy of my builds for me to copy and use later? Our very own Illogicalsong has put together lovely instructional post on how to install Litematica, a schematic mod, here: (https://hometownmc.com/forums/showthread...litematica)

What about all my warps?? There will be a 4 week grace period in which your warps will be considered "reserved"

Fly? Not for the first 2 weeks

Will there be spawn roads like last time? As of right now we will not be allowing for spawn roads as they make claims a lot more confusing.

Will we keep our claimblocks? Not in the current amounts you have them, staff are discussing options still on this one so we'll keep you updated.

Will slots have elytra right away? Most likely no, this is not 100% set in stone but we're leaning towards leaving it out for the first couple of weeks. 

Why don't you have more questions here? This is an FAQ you nerd. Leave me alone! I've been busy! You guys can help out by posting some of the questions that you would like me to respond to in the comments, obviously not everything is set in stone so the response to many of them may just be "Not sure yet" or "In discussion" but it can't hurt to ask, as questions come in, I'll add them to the master post so you don't have to scroll through the comments, which seemed to be the big problem on the other thread, questions were being asked and answered multiple times bc people (understandably) didn't want to scroll through all the pages of comments. :^)
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Hurray! We get to die Faster!
Yay, now the server will not be a laggy spaz that it is right now!
forums dwelling cow
spending more time on the forums than ingame
ok bye
How do we convince you to give us the claim blocks from our voting?

Also will our vote counts reset?
It's a prehistoric planet Morty.
Someone has to bring a little culture,
And It Certainly Can't Be SomeOne

So regarding ranks, since the databases are getting reset, our votecounts will technically be reset, and because of this the ranking system is most likely going to change, do you have an info on what the rank system will be, how many less or more ranks they're will be, and how you'll know who has what rank?
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this sounds obvious but, are ranks being reset (purchased/voters) ? just wanna clarify
(09-13-2019, 05:08 AM)blue Wrote: this sounds obvious but, are ranks being reset (purchased/voters) ? just wanna clarify

You will keep your rank- both VIP and vote
Unbelievable! You, Subject name here, must be the pride of Subject hometown here. -GLaDOS
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If you look at my build and XP farms you will most likely understand why I will probably go sit in the corner and sulk for a while after the reset I carved the bulk of it out of a mountain cutting away the outside and inside to form this humungus build. Then I set out to lure animals in for my farms, capture villager zombies and converted them to villagers with tremendous effort.

While I understand the necessity of the reset, it makes me wonder whether it wouldn't be easier and better to play single player on my PC. At least I won't be losing all the time spent on my massive builds.

Well, that's me out of here for at least until the server has been reset.

I have one last question before I go.... On average, how frequently does this server get reset?
This server is six years old and has only been reset once before, this is the first reset in at least 3 years. We are all in the same boat. Some of us have been here for years and have a mass of builds and items, we all lose. Whilst I am sad, it will be good to start a fresh on a clean map with less lag and plugins that work. Many plugins were breaking and the multi world was not working very well. I hope you stay and join the rest of us on the new map.
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The new snapshot for 1.15 should actually even help with the lag more
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No-one truly knows anything, so explore the world. - Cil

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