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I Be Making A City After the Reset
Ciao fellers! As you know, I've helped build for some towns, and I used to have my own city named Frostland, but my own town failed because well, it was shit. Lol. With that aside, I've been developing an actual city on my personal server, which I will schematic over. However, I will like to have any help possible, such as rebuilding the buildings from my schematic files, interior, etc. If you are interested for this project, then lemme know, and you will keep all the profits associated with what you do for the city (though, if you do make the apartments and skyscrapers, I recommend you rent out the rooms instead of selling them). Just an idea so far, but I do plan to put it forward next month, so arrivedirci!
You can build GoldenHorizon with me dad #2 Wink Ill accept your ideas

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