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Ban Appeal (Updated)
Server you were banned on: SMP

Minecraft name: Jadon_B

Reason for your ban: Caps and spam

Who banned you: Staff.

Why should you be unbanned: I know that what I did was wrong. It was really stupid and I thought it would be funny. It turns out it wasn't really that funny and it got me banned. It was disruptive to everyone in the server and it was immature of me to do it. I can assure the entire staff team that this will never happen again.
Why do you want to come back: I want to come back to HomeTown because I really like the community and the Staff team. They were only doing what was right for the community and I completely understand and respect that. If I am unbanned I promise I will be a better person and I will think twice before disrupting chat.
I restored the build and can find nothing wrong with it. It is a good representation of the end of the server in a fall/Halloween perspective. This is a mature server. As far as the caps in chat; that is on you and you should have not done it. I understand that you may have been upset and I recommend that in the future logging off/walking away before getting so frustrated. As far as the build goes it will remain in the contest.
[Image: keez3aZ.png]
Sorry, the staff member who previously responded was under the misconception that spam and caps were a part of your ban; they weren't. Since the staff team has discussed and reached a compromise on the issue of the build in question, this ban appeal has been resolved. You have been unbanned.

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